Entrerritmos Larache .. مهرجان تلاقح الثقافات

A small-town festival with world-wide appeal.

‘Larache International Festival of Entrerritmos’ was created in 2012.

Each year, artists from varying backgrounds and cultures take the opportunity to come together to celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity. They share great experiences through music and dance in the historical indoor and outdoor venues and squares of the small Atlantic town of Larache.

Both local Moroccan as well as international artists are featured in educational workshops, conferences, concerts and several social activities are arranged to promote multiculturalism and coexistence between cultures. Preservation of natural and cultural heritage (as encouraged by UNESCO) is fostered on both tangible and intangible heritage.

An international festival!

Over the years, we have presented hundreds of artists from Morocco, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Panama, Canada, the Netherlands, Guinea Bissau, Argentina, Portugal, Palestine, Algeria , Ireland, Iraq, Colombia, the United States, France, Macedonia, Hungry…and the list keeps on growing.

We are a vibrant festival that connects Cultures and Nations together for a better and sustainable world.

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